About Us

FOUNDED IN 1930, CSL WATER QUALITY, INC., originally known as Carbon Solvents Laboratories, manufactured and marketed solvents, cleaners and degreasers for educational facilities and school systems. Our principle product, SLATEX, a blackboard cleaner and finisher, restored blackboards to their original condition. Since our business was centered on schools and custodial maintenance, we began developing additional products for boilers and heating systems.

We formulated BURN-RITE, a fuel oil additive, in the early 1930s, as oil began replacing coal as the primary fuel source for steam heating systems. The product was designed to absorb water and prevent sludge accumulation in oil tanks. Solvent emulsion cleaners for oil spill and strainer degreasing accompanied this product line.

By the mid 1930s, we began blending water treatment products for steam and hot water heating systems. Shortly thereafter, our business expanded to commercial buildings and light industry, as our product line was proven to be effective and accepted as part of their maintenance programs. Next, cooling tower and chilled water treatment products were developed and introduced, completing our product line.

In 1950, we relocated to Kenilworth, New Jersey. In 1974, we moved again to our present locale in Warren, New Jersey. This move was necessitated by the need to accommodate our specialty toll blending operation for private label manufacturing.

In 1986, we changed our name to CSL Water Treatment, Inc. to better identify ourselves with our current market. We then established our TruTest Division, a New Jersey State Certified Testing Laboratory, in order to expand our business while providing reliable testing and monitoring for our water treatment customers.

As the need to expand the services we could provide to our customers became apparent, Truway was formed as a combination of transportation and building maintenance services. Many of our customers required a more reliable means of delivery, cleaning and general maintenance services. Truway was a way to bring a known quality service organization to these areas. Many of our customers saw the benefit of a one-stop source for all testing, treatment, cleaning and delivery needs.

Continuing to add to our service portfolio, Tru-Aire Division was formed. Tru-Aire Division offers basic Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and support for our customers concerned with providing a safe & healthy work environment.

This led to CSL Water Quality, Inc., a truly full service company. However, as government regulation and paperwork requirements continued to put an unrelenting burden on small business, CSL Water Quality decided to discontinue our state certification for water testing. In 2007, we no longer provided certified laboratory testing services. However, we continue to perform the detailed testing methods required for all certified laboratories. We have established excellent relationships with various laboratories that enable us to provide certified results when required at a cost that matches those of our competitors. This enabled us to bring a level of consultation to the process that is unique to our customers.

We continue to listen to our customers and their needs. On the near horizon is TruWater Solutions. Truwater will bring our decades of knowledge in water testing & treatment to the residential market.

For over 75 years, CSL has provided customers with the most effective and economical products and services available.

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