Carbon Solvents Laboratories

AS WELL AS BLENDING ITS OWN PRODUCT LINE, CSL operates a toll blending facility solely for water treatment products. However, CSL is a full support private label manufacturer. Private label manufacturing accommodates firms that prefer to market their products under their own name without manufacturing involvement, as well as firms that desire to subcontract generic formulations while providing their own testing and water treatment expertise. Because we are directly involved in the water treatment market, we are able to provide expertise related to water analysis, formulations, applications, and troubleshooting, distinguishing us from a toll blending company. CSL has over 400 standard formulations, in addition to many proprietary blends for individual companies.

Product development is performed by our trained laboratory personnel. All products undergo rigid testing, including but not limited to hot and cold temperature stability, reactivity, and corrosivity.

Government compliance and regulatories are an integral part of CSL’s toll blending operation. Material safety data sheets are continually reviewed and updated when necessary. All OSHA requirements are met, including the listing of chemical ingredients on each drum along with the HMIS evaluation of the product. State and Federal DOT regulations are satisfied and reviewed constantly to insure proper markings for transportation.

USDA and FDA product approvals are secured for CSL’s private label customers. Also, all biocide products are properly registered and labeled as regulated by the State and Federal DEP and EPA.

CSL packages for both small and large volume users. Products are packaged in plastic or steel drums depending on the product and preference of the customer. All liquid products are available in 55, 30, 15, and 5 gallon DOT-approved containers. Dry products are available in any size up to 500 pounds. Large volume tote bins are also available upon request.

In order to insure proper quality, CSL blends products in stainless steel mixing vats. Products are mixed in 30, 65, 110, 250, or 500 gallon vats, depending on the size of the order. A 1,000 gallon vat is also available for extremely large volumes. CSL prefers to blend on an as-needed basis, in order to insure a short storage life prior to shipment. Standard delivery on products is five working days after we receive your order. Availability of products can be as quick as four hours, depending on the product and the size of the request.

For over 75 years, CSL has provided customers with the most effective and economical products and services available.

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