Effective water treatment begins with accurate testing.

CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT is, without a doubt, today’s leading topic of conversation. With infectious substances contaminating our drinking water, radon gas affecting the air we breathe, and elemental pollutants in our food supply, the need to identify and correct this problem is paramount. The TruTest Division of CSL Water Quality is a full-service laboratory with environmental testing capabilities available if contamination is suspected or evident.

CSL’s combination of over 75 years of water treatment experience, blended together with our state of the art laboratory, enables you to accurately monitor the conditions of your water system online to prevent unexpected and costly shutdowns.

Automatic, timed sampling systems are used to obtain wastewater for analysis. Analysis of the wastewater is performed as required to conform to a customer’s specific permit. TruTest can fill out the specific reports required.

CSL Water Quality’s Customers benefit with the ability to have their samples analyzed in a precise and reliable way.  TruTest Division no longer holds certification, however, their practices and procedures have not changed.  TruTest is now a dedicated laboratory for CSL’s clients. 

CSL provides the following services for customers:
  • Wastewater sampling and testing for DEP Discharge Reporting
  • Well Water Sampling, Testing and Reporting Services
  • Pool & Spa Water Testing Services
  • Lead and Copper Rule Services
As a support system for our water treatment customers, TruTest is able to provide:
  • Deposit Analysis
  • Total Bacteria Analysis
  • Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria testing
  • Corrosion Coupon Rate Analysis

Full Spectrum Water Quality Analysis used to determine any required treatment or equipment for softeners, filtration, reverse osmosis and UV Disinfection.

The first and most important aspect of any water treatment program requires accurate and reliable water analysis. TruTest provides these services to enhance the abilities of CSL Water Quality.

For over 75 years, CSL has provided customers with the most effective and economical products and services available.

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